It is said that if we have everything in the universe but have not love, the "everything" is useless.  We all seek to be loved and to love.  In our quest, many do "okay"; but if love is the greatest, wouldn't you like to be great at it?   

Devoted to You offers a unique approach to improving your relationships. While counseling often tackles issues in a holistic, sometimes long-term method, we've found that many of us simply need a few tweaks or tips here and there. Rather than dragging you through sessions that may not fit your needs, we let YOU pick your topics. Choose the modules you specifically want to improve in, such as:

♦Calling Mr./Mrs. Right--For Singles Only
♦Our BLENDED Family is Stuck on the GRIND Cycle!
♦Sex: The Power of a Three Letter Word
♦Opposites Attract (But There's a Deadline!)
♦Dealing with Finances in Your Relationship without Black Eyes and Red Numbers
♦Forgiving - Why and How
♦Doing It Together - Enjoying Your Leisure Time
♦How to Avoid the Tricks of Love (Manipulation, Stonewalling, Guilt Trips)
♦Resolving Conflicts (While Keeping All Body Parts Intact!)